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Where to go if you need a new bell for your bicycle. Tring.
A bloke came up to me and said, ‘Hick, hock, diddly squat, banana. It just didn’t make any sense.
Two frogs were talking. One said, ‘Ribbet, ribbet’ and the other said, ‘Heard it!’
Two chickens were talking. One said, ‘Bwark, bwark.’ and the other said, ‘Who are you calling chicken.’
I read that book Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit by Steve Low and Alan McArther. It was shit.
I had to give up using my favourite tool in my tool box. I have to admit, it was a wrench.
My friend died of a broken heart. He got stabbed outside a kebab shop.
Prince Andrew got caught relieving himself in the street after a pub crawl. It was the Royal we.
I’m no fan of Poison Ivy. To be honest I find it irritating
I’m against binge drinking. In fact, I don’t even like binge
I’ve given up converting fractions to decimals I just can’t see the point.
You can’t have your cake and eat it, unless of course you’re bulimic.
I bought a nocturnal horse. It was a nightmare.
Two pigs were talking. One said. ‘I’m not happy.’ and the other said, ‘No shit.”
Where to go if you’re a small rodent with a keen interest in hydro-electric power generation. Amsterdam.
An introvert is a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual.Whereas an extrovert is just an irritating git.
Isn’t time we got a man on Mars. I mean, come on guys, it’s not rocket science
My uncle used to raise horses but gave it up when they got too heavy.
Where not to live if you’ve got a stutter Kirkcudbright.
I met a bloke in a wig on my way to the courtroom. I said, ‘I think this must be my case.’ He said, ‘I’ll be the judge of that.’
I was charged with stealing luggage. I asked for 47 other cases to be taken into consideration.
Went to see The Invisible Man last week. What an ending! I didn’t see that one coming.
On my bedroom wall I have a 3D painting of a fat, bald, deluded ex-president. It is my Trump L’Oeil.
I offered my friend a carrot. He said, No. I said, Why not? He said, It’s the thin end of the veg.
Two cows were talking. One said, ‘Moo’ and the other said, ‘There you go again.’
A friend asked if I’d like one for the road and I said Yes, and he gave me a traffic cone.
Luckily the judge only gave me a short sentence: – ‘We’re going to hang you.’
I was in a bar and asked the barman, Do you have an ice bucket? and he said We did but it melted.
Do you know what’s a good thing for a headache – banging your head against the wall.
I went to the cinema to see Cats. But apparently they only show films.
Had all my family and relations over for Christmas. It was kin hell.
I’m not in favour of the papacy. In fact I don’t even like the Pape.
My local fish restaurant has a very limited menu. I said not whale meat again?
Two chickens were talking. One said, ‘Bwark, bwark.’ and the other said, ‘Who are you calling chicken.’
I have a really good watch but it only works close to my house. Must be a neighbourhood watch.
I dreamt I was swallowed by a whale so I decided not to follow my dreams after all.


And So Farewell


And so farewell Annie Ross.

You were a well known jazz singer, it says here.

Jazz is similar to music

Except it's rubbish.

People who listen to jazz wear black turtle-neck sweaters

And smoke Gitaines,

Gitaines are similar to cigaraettes

Except they're rubbish and smell like old tyres

Jazz is sued on the soundtrack of French New Wave films

Which are similar to ordinary films

Except they're rubbish

With no car chases, explosions or fights

Just French people sitting around smoking Gitains,

And talking about how miserable they are.
Today we reveal the shocking truth about the latest Konspiracy theory. Today’s Konspiracy Question. Is the world being run by shape shifting lizards? Our Answer: No. It isn’t

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